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Feel Like a School Girl Again

Winter has always been a time for me to clean and organize. In doing so, I’ve been finding lots of little pieces of my past. I’m especially proud of the one I’ve included here (click on the link to bring up the pdf). Meeting and interviewing Elin Danien was one of the most extraordinary experiences … Continue reading

An oldie but a goodie, from Making Bread Magazine

Why the Ol’ Girls’ Network Is the Most Important Sorority You’ll Ever Join How This Writer Learned the Value of “One for All, All for One” By Elizabeth Kaminsky Sure, we’ve all had our experiences with the “Ol’ Boys’ Network.” But is there one for women? Do we honor each other, look out for each … Continue reading

The Queen of West Inlet Road

Just finished this short story and thought I would share it in the blogisphere. Happy Reading! E.L.   The Queen of West Inlet Road A story by E. L. Kaminsky She paints, not with oil on a canvas, but with words on a page Joe’s face appeared, framed by the screen door. “Hey kid – … Continue reading

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