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A shout out to an ad writer

I have trouble sleeping, so I watch a lot of middle-of-the-night TV. In turn, that means I see a lot of commercials. I don’t normally pay attention, but one last night made me laugh out loud. It was one of the million Progressive Insurance commercials but it wasn’t with Flo, it was with the little … Continue reading

Originally posted on Reverse Maturity:
  Last Sunday, I was listening to “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” on NPR. Their game show guest was Leonard Nimoy. Hearing his voice rekindled a spark in me, the likes of which I haven’t felt since I was a teenager. And it gave me the courage to ask you,…

Official Officiant

I woke up about 4 AM with the idea that I might enjoy being a wedding officiant. OK, I hear the comments and head scratching, but one thing I have learned is to trust those nagging things that wake you from a sound sleep. I’ve had some of my best ideas, writing or otherwise, when … Continue reading

A Poem for the Season

September You thief. You stealer of sunlight and warm ocean water. You bring apples and pumpkins and take away my corn and tomatoes. Sure, the crowds are gone and the beach rolls out its welcome mat, beckoning me to come. I go, but not in my swimsuit. I wrap myself in a towel, warm against … Continue reading

Death Knell Anthology

Excited to have completed and sent my first mystery short story to Sisters In Crime. Looking forward to seeing it in print! My last short story was in a literary journal and that was a loooong time ago. Will post more when a publication date is announced.

Lost and Found

The Things She Kept

I’ve been cleaning and reorganizing, tasks I normally avoid like the plague. There are two black holes into which I have been particularly reluctant to peek, until this week. Coward that I am, I picked the easy one first – a brown cabinet that once held my mother’s television. I found what I had expected, … Continue reading

Feel Like a School Girl Again

Winter has always been a time for me to clean and organize. In doing so, I’ve been finding lots of little pieces of my past. I’m especially proud of the one I’ve included here (click on the link to bring up the pdf). Meeting and interviewing Elin Danien was one of the most extraordinary experiences … Continue reading

From the Making Bread archives – Marketing advice for business owners

Make a Joyful Noise About Your Business! 5 Marketing Tips Guaranteed to Help You Increase Sales By Elizabeth Kaminsky When I ask my business-owner friends what the hardest part of running their own business is, most often they tell me, “Selling myself.” I have heard “It feels like bragging,” and “I sound like the telemarketers … Continue reading

An oldie but a goodie, from Making Bread Magazine

Why the Ol’ Girls’ Network Is the Most Important Sorority You’ll Ever Join How This Writer Learned the Value of “One for All, All for One” By Elizabeth Kaminsky Sure, we’ve all had our experiences with the “Ol’ Boys’ Network.” But is there one for women? Do we honor each other, look out for each … Continue reading

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