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Holiday Reflections

Hello all, world’s laziest blogger here –   It’s Christmas Day. I’m watching several versions of Yule Log, sipping coffee and reveling in the quirky, meaningful gifts that surround me, like the Easter Island Garden statue that will help to form a new garden in the spring. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Christmas for … Continue reading

Utah, part deux

I’m back, with more news from my trip to the state whose motto is “Industry.” It’s usually accompanied by a beehive, symbolizing such activity. There are beehives on nearly everything, including the interstate road signs. Speaking of which, I saw quite a few during my drive to the canyon lands, the national and state park … Continue reading

It took Utah to bring me back…Part One

I guess I was going for the title of “World’s Laziest Blogger.” My radio silence has no excuse, except for that, laziness (and maybe, life, work, and all that jazz stealing my attention). In any case, here I am, fresh off a trip to Utah, where I saw so many noteworthy things I just had … Continue reading

Celebrating Independence

I admit, I spend far more time on social media than I should. I justify it since I rarely watch TV news, so the internet is my source for what’s going on in the world. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find credible sources of “independent” news. More than once, I’ve been sucked into a story … Continue reading

Cultural differences

I returned from a trip to Texas this week. I’ve been several times in my life but I always marvel at how different parts of our country are from one another. From the size of the beverages to the size of the trucks, everything there seemed to scream SUPERSIZED. It led me to coin the … Continue reading


I hosted a party recently that included people from many phases of my life. The party lasted several hours and over the course of it, dozens of people moved through the house. Some I’d known since childhood, some from decades of work, others were a part of my family. My greatest joy was watching them … Continue reading

The power of the handwritten word

I’ve always been a big fan of writing notes. From the time I was old enough to hold a crayon, I have doodled and scribbled, eventually turning those actions into words on a page. I wrote my first novel longhand, on a yellow legal pad and several scraps of paper that were lying around in … Continue reading

Dreams Do Come True

I am over the moon as I write this post. Two things an author dreams about happened to little old me this week. First, I got word that Death Knell V has been published and is available on Amazon. Here is the link: My short story is titled “All in the Family.” I am … Continue reading

Street Encounter

I’m a city girl at heart. I love it all — the noise, the people, the traffic, the panhandlers, everything. It’s like a big, busy painting that I like to hang in my memory. It changes color and shape but each iteration is equally beautiful. I was walking around Midtown Manhattan recently, drinking in my … Continue reading

Takhli Tales – latest project

Pardon the blog lapse but I have been working on editing a book for my dear friend Bill Sparks. He wanted to get his memoirs in print about the time he spent as a Air Force fighter pilot. It is an amazing act of courage to write about such difficult experiences and it was my … Continue reading

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